2020 is the best year of our lives.

It has been a very difficult year for the guys that think of themselves as sheepdogs to the mindless sheep that make up the bulk of the American population.

We are seeing record numbers of young people consuming news. They are also making news. They are changing the way we define ourselves and care for ourselves. 

This is the start of the new era that you’ve been wanting. It may not be pleasant now, but you’ll be happy we did 2020.

Andrew Johnson will put you to sleep. Once asleep, you might dream of Sean Connery

You must check out this guy and his accent. Tell me you didn’t think it was Sean Connery talking you down after your long day. Of course you did. It might be tempting to think of your favorite Connery quotes. You might get fired up thinking of how great Connery is and asking yourself what you are prepared to do. Or asking if Andrew Johnson if he expects you to sleep, and he tells you he expects you to die.


What is your favorite Connery quote? Everything he says in the Untouchables is gold, but there are lots others to chose from.

The Trouble Notes playing SOLA in Berlin

Give it a listen and you will be a part of the Trouble Notes universe. Once you are part of their universe, you are always a part of their universe.

These guys are good. Yes good. I would tell you why, but knowledgeable breakdown of music is not my strong suit. What I can tell you is that violin, guitar, bass, and drums sound good.

Why do we keep going on and on about having a soul? Descartes was a troublemaker.

We’re going to have a problem here. These theories about us having souls are getting more complex. It seems like the starting point is that we have souls. Then an argument follows that leads to a soul.

I would think that a better way to do it would be to observe something that doesn’t make sense. And as a smart person looks into it, they see that it might lead to a soul. It seems like everyone has it backwards.

We were perfectly fine walking around with no souls. No one was bothered. It seems like a soul is a solution to a problem that no one had.

P.S. I do realize I’m a guy with a blog that doesn’t solve a problem complaining about people that create solutions to problems that no one had.

Can’t sleep? Slow yoga helps.

My day was pretty good. I only had one person that was rude. She was really trying to get under my skin. She did a great job of it. She had clever insults and did a great job of questioning my judgment. I have to give her credit.

I kept her insults inside me for an hour. Then this yoga video got me straightened out. No matter how many thought techniques I try, none of them work better than an activity.

If someone out there has stupid ideas, do we have to be irritated by him? Trevor Valle gives us his answer.

Trevor Valle gets so worked up over this. He really shouldn’t care about it. I was hanging on every word. He knows a lot about dinosaurs. I wanted to know why he cared so I could care, too.

Then about 17:45 into this he starts talking about conglomerates. It hits me right there that anyone who thinks that dinosaurs didn’t exist would be completely lost by what he is saying. It’s like dude. Just stop. Save your breath. It isn’t worth it.

I can say this because I’ll be the first to engage the no dino guys in a debate. I’ll believe that logic can win the day. But, the truth is, logic is a weakling. Emotion trumps logic all day every day.

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