Navy Seal at Yale

There is nothing I love more than the Liberal Coastal Elite. They annoy everyone just by being themselves. They also see the world in the right way. It is a lethal combination. So imagine my glee when this Navy Seal was going to write about being enraged by them. Well not so fast. He actually has some great stuff to say. This James Hatch guy is someone I’m going to be imitating. Dedicated. Endlessly curious about the world. A lifelong learner. A certified bad ass. A dog lover. Its like he is a real life James Bond. Every man wants to be him. But this guy doesn’t have to make outdated movies.

Podcast Episode: Intro to Season 2020

I talk about my approach to life. I tell you how my father taught me the skills that make me a great podcaster. I tell you about how my mother taught me to be endlessly curious about the world. I talk about how being in the “Northeast USA Irish Catholic” community shaped my views of the world. I talk about getting beyond the surface of family background and religious belief. I talk about the intensity of facing the things that are below the surface of my inner dialogues. I talk about the speeches I listened to that overwhelmed me with emotions. I talk about how I faced those emotions and admitted to myself what those emotions were telling me about what it is to be a human. Please listen with a critical ear.

Tom Blaney’s Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

I seek out people that communicate what makes their service meaningful and valuable to others in their community. I try to understand why they want to serve, what they are most proud of, what challenges they want to take on, and how they want to show results.

I do this by researching issues, preparing blogs showing their positions, and making the connection between how they want to serve and what their community members want.

I look at how people create their lives around their goal of service and how they deliver results efficiently and effectively.

In the future, I’d love to help the blog’s readers improve on how they communicate their offerings of services and products to their communities.

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