Caro Arevalo shares what it is like being a full time artist.

Disipline, routine and balance are three words that come to mind when she describes her day. Creative, listener, and learner are other words that come to mind. She is working from home but is constantly listening to what others are saying. She has a unique take on it and puts it into her art.

It is great to see someone ten steps ahead of me. It is inspiring. In time, with consistency, great things are possible.

Are people really trying to tell me that the means justify the ends?

Yes I’m really gunna ask you to watch two youtube clips. And yes, it will be worth it. I’m glad you asked me why it’s worth it. This young man is terrific. There is no doubt he is more successful than I am. So the criticism isn’t directed towards him. I only have a problem with his methods. If you don’t have time or enough interest in watching, here is the summary. He busts his tail every day for a month. At the end of the month, he has improved the shape he is in, but not by a whole lot. And in the process, he has been tired, achy and sore every day for a month. He has also taken time away from other things he might have been doing instead.

Where does that leave him? It leaves him knowing that he can work his tail off and achieve his goal. It is a moral victory. It is also a victory that he most likely will not get again. He is not going to keep that exercise program up for two or three months. He certainly will not keep it up for a year. That much I know.

Now, watch this video.

Here we have this guy. He put in a lot of effort. Not nearly the effort the first guy put into his program. Still, his effort is admirable. He also was not all that impressed with his results.

He might not have been all that impressed. But I was. The dude lost two pounds. Before you say ehhh only two pounds. Hear me out. That is two pounds. And he had easy days where he only did one set. On days he felt good, he did two or three sets. See? His program was manageable.

He could definitely continue with it for two or three months. He could do it for three years. Yes, for three years. Do you know how many pounds the guy would lose over three years? 2×36=72. 72! Now lets say he half asses it and only gets a one pound a week pace. That’s 36 pounds.

If I told you that three years from today, you could be 36 pounds lighter? And I said, I need seven minutes of your time each day. You would tell me I am full of it. And you for sure will not take anything away from this blog. I knew that even before I sat down to write it.

But the joke is on you. I put a lot of time and effort into writing this. Even though it will help no one, I’m still better off for having written it.

Putting on the C19 pounds are ya? Get your butt off the couch and do yoga with this man from Wisconsin.

Sean Vigue is as Wisconsin as Wisconsin gets. The nicest people in the world are from Wisconsin. It makes you want to move there until you remember the entire state is covered in snow. Watch. Follow along at home. Get in 2 percent better shape.

I gunna go out on a limb and guess that you are feeling stressed out. Press play on this meditation and go on a journey.

Forget this carona stuff for a few minutes. Feeling confused, worried, and scared? Me too. Me too. It seems like we are living in some kind of movie. And we are only in the first half hour of it. Well press pause on that movie. Get ready for being gentle with yourself.

Music — A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

Above the church it looks like that an RAF pilot was bored and decided to try and do a signature in the sky. Hope he was smiling when he did it. Late last night I was watching the Queen biopic and my mind wandered again. Sometimes my mind wanders that far I’m surprised it makes […]

Music — A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

I was looking for a blog post about music. Instead, I found this blog. It is really amazing how many people there are out there that are doing unique and personal blogs. I am putting out a blog while keeping you readers at arms length. And here this guy is laying it all out there.

Dealing with a loss. Going through different stages of grief. It is this kind of stuff that can teach us more about philosophy than a stack of philosophy books.

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