His name is Plotinus.

This is a terrific video from Think Big Animation. I had never heard of this guy. Plotinus is his name. Don’t confuse him with Plato. Totally different guy. Totally different.

It is a real gift to have these kinds of videos on Youtube. It used to take so much time and effort to study topics like this. This guy gives a through rundown of Plotinus in about five minutes.

So what do I think of Plotinus? I’m glad you asked. I feel like there is this theme running through most of these Greek guys. They want to make sense of things. Probably because things are always seeming out of control. And they seem to look at the unwashed masses of people and see not a whole lot there to be proud of. Like man, if we are all a bunch of peasants doing things that don’t really matter, we are all just going to die and be forgotten. That isn’t really a pleasant thought. It’s not a terrible thought. But, it is not a thought that makes you really happy and optimistic.

They seem to jump through hoops to come up with some kind of order of things. And that order of things always seems to end up with the rich and educated among us as being the best “form” of us. Like hey there is a reason why they are where they are and the rest of humanity is where they are. They have to come up with all sorts of charts and graphs to make it all add up. They make assumptions and build a whole pyramid of society around it.

The more and more I get into Greek Philosophy, the more I am coming to grips with us being animals just like dogs, cats, and bugs. We are smarter, but we are still animals. This one go around that we have in life may not be the most impressive of things. But, come on now, chill out. Accept that this is all that there is and try to enjoy it as much as you can.

Thorn — A Short Book Lover

I adore fairy-tale retelling and this lush fantasy offered me exactly that. It was complete catnip for me, tackling the complex issues of justice and revenge. Luckily for me, the lovely Tina Mories and Hot Key Books sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review, so thank you so much to them. Synopsis: […]

Thorn — A Short Book Lover

For you book lovers out there…you will like this. This blog will point you in the right direction when you’re looking for the next good book to read.

On Homer (Part 1): What Makes Homer Special? — Caffeine & Philosophy

After reading Homer extensively over the past six years, in multiple translations and with the addition of a number of commentaries and analyses, I think it is time to begin writing my own thoughts on these books, if only to elucidate and crystallize what those thoughts may be. This will probably come in multiple parts…

On Homer (Part 1): What Makes Homer Special? — Caffeine & Philosophy

I must admit it. I don’t understand Homer. I tried to read the Illiad. It was too difficult. I tried to listen to it as an audiobook. That was a no-go. I am at the mercy of smart people. They have to summarize it and give their critique. Then I kinda sorta get it.

That’s where Caffeine & Philosophy comes in. Read the blog. It will make you a better person.

Embracing Love In A Time Of Fear — The Growth Philosophy

As a civilization I have been feeling as if we are at the precipice for sometime and the beginning of a new dawn is upon us. I could never quite put my finger on these feelings. A shift in global consciousness perhaps? Maybe we all shifted into a parallel universe in 2012 when the Mayans […]

Embracing Love In A Time Of Fear — The Growth Philosophy

This guy has a great take on the state of things today. His thoughts on fear and love is thought provoking.

The Analog Roundup

Too Insignificant — Fun with Philosophy

Obscured from the universe, I’m holding up my fears, Letting out cries That no one will hear My tear, just a drop In the big, boundless sea Flowing where it takes it Until it’s unseen Nobody can feel What I feel deep down Even the loudest of screams Don’t seem to make a […]

Too Insignificant — Fun with Philosophy

Here is a good take on that feeling of being small and insignificant. It seems like most people don’t like that feeling. I dunno. Sometimes I feel like being small and insignificant will work in my favor if I mess something up. If I’m insignificant, then most things I do will be insignificant too. It’s the small harm, small foul philosophy.

I guess most people think the opposite. They don’t think they will mess something up. On the other hand, they think they will do something great. So yeah, when you look at it that way, there is a limit on how great your greatness could be. It probably won’t be so great. It might end up being kind of good.

Or is it that most people feel that others expect greatness from them and they can’t live up to the expectation? Hmmmm maybe that’s it. If that’s the case, then yeah that’s not a good feeling. You gotta shake that feeling off.

Tom Green was the most innovative guy in the world for a while. Seriously he was. Web-o-vision!

Web-o-vision was the most amazing thing ever. Tom Green created his own talk show. He set up his website and would have a late night talk show set-up. He had guests on and they would talk for hours. There were no commercial breaks to interrupt the conversations. The guests would talk for hours. There was absolutely no filter.

It was the best television ever created. And it wasn’t on TV. He was the first guy in history to do it on his own. He created on the fly. He made it work. He destroyed the competition. Once you watched one of his Web-o-vision broadcasts, you could never go back to Letterman or Leno.

Alas, only a handful of people watched. I was one of the few that got to witness the start of a new era. I was blessed. He made me imagine what I could do if I had his whit and charm.

Comic books are almost dead.

This is an astonishingly professional and well thought out presentation on the state of the comic book industry.

The comic book is the thing that the “nerdy kids” always loved. Seeing the latest comic book on the shelf. Picking it up. Feeling it in your hands. Opening it up. Reading each page slowly. Savoring each panel. Noticing the details of each panel. Flipping the pages. Getting the first glimpse of the next part of the story. You try not to look ahead at the following pages. The temptation is almost overwhelming. But you have self control. You know it will be better if you go slow.

You get closer and closer to the end of the comic book. The hero and the villain reveal their character. You pause to take in the moral lessons. You resume. You get to the end.

It is over, and just beginning. You have this comic book forever, you will read it over and over. You add it to your collection. You read it again and again. Each time you read it, you notice the way the story is told. You break down each sentence. You see how the the story unfolded. You think of how you would have told the story. You think of the moral lessons. You wonder how you would tweak the message.

And then you wait. You wait for the next issue to be released.

MUST TRY Street Food in Turkey

Here is some Turkish street food to feast your eyes on today. Trying something new food is a way to advance your personal philosophy. Yes it is true. This is how it works.

Remember the old way of doing things? Think, say, act. Yeah that model is dead. It was replaced with Act, Say, Think. And you know what? Now, this new way of thinking has been replaced.

The simple and corny joke – I’m on the sea food diet. I see food and eat it. This is the kind of joke that leads to break throughs.

Here we go! See, Act, Say, Think. Feast your eyes on some food. Try it. Tell your friends how adventurous you are. Think about how trying something new made you happy.

Boom! I just dropped a bomb on the world of philosophy.

Can art do anything, especially during periods of crisis?


What is art? Paintings and stuff? But, more importantly, what is art good for? Olivia Laing presents us with a compelling case for art giving us hope. If Andy and Red from Shawshank Redemption were real people, they would be reading this article.

Hope is a good thing. Maybe even the best of things. Does that mean art is a good thing? Maybe even the best of things?

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