What is Philosophy?

It is 2:00 a. m. and I’m combing YouTube looking for the next latest and greatest blog post. This clip comes across my radar and now I’m embarrassed. This whole fantastic site is about philosophy and we really haven’t gotten into the simple question of what it is.

But then I watch this video and my head is spinning with overwhelmed confusion. This guy goes on and on about lots of different stuff. Most of it seems to be way over my head, and I’m feeling how tired I am.

Then he hits us with the good stuff at the end. The Philosophy of Batman explained. The Philosophy of the Matrix explained. Now we are cooking with gas. Now I’m interested.

I, I, I, I’m peppering this post with the word I. I know I’m doing it and want to be creative with the writing. I should be focused on the reader and what your favorite movie philosophy is. But tonight, I have to admit this is going to be self-centered. Perhaps that’s all part of my philosophy.

Enjoy the video. It might help you in your struggles to understand the Batman Lego movie that is surprisingly good.

Massimo Pigliucci showed he knows everything about Stoicism

Self-control. Discipline. Empire Building. Everyone in Ancient Greece had one of those t-shirts with that slogan on it. They all said it was their way of life. Then, the t-shirt got worn out and got thrown away.

Everyone moved on to other philosophies with more pizzazz, and left stoicism behind. Everyone except for Massimo. He figured out that 5 minute podcast episodes on stoicism was a winning idea that will shoot up the charts.

They say that Stoics and Epicurians were the two competing camps fighting to be king of the philosophical hill. Neither one won, but it was a main event for the time.

Take a listen to this sales pitch for stoicism and let me know what you think.

P. S. I think Jocko Willink must love Massimo’s podcast.

Hegel would have liked the Sopranos?

The world of Youtube is filled with so many amazing videos. There is a reason why the Sopranos was such a great show. I had no idea that the reason was advanced philosophical themes throughout the entire series.

It’s one of those things that happens when a “smart guy” explains something and when he’s done you say ohhh yeah that was staring me in the face the entire time.

The world does ask a lot of us. We find ourselves trying to play different roles. There is no way around that, or is there?

Philosophy of Epicureanism Made Simple

I’m gunna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday.

The guy that put this video did a spectacular job. How he made the connection between Office Space and Epicureanism is mind bottling. That’s what makes the difference between smart guys and bloggers.

The philosophy is user friendly. It is straightforward. It is easy to explain. It is also easy to do a quick check in when thinking about taking a course of action.

I can picture myself asking if doing something is going to lead to mid to long term happiness or to mid to long term pain. It is also a good way to frame things when asking someone for their opinion on what I should do.

There are lots of Epicureans out there that just don’t know there’s a name for the philosophy.

Patrick Henry Didn’t Respect Authority

Malcolm X mentioned Patrick Henry in the Ballot or the Bullet speech. So, that leads me here. Henry had a way with words. He showed initiative. He was aggressive. He sounds like a guy that James Mattis would like to have in his foxhole.

I have to admit. Henry doesn’t really inspire me. However, if you tried to sell him as someone you should listen to, his framework through which he saw the world was impressive.

Gen. James Mattis (Ret.) on Leadership Lessons

Trust, respect, and affection. The first two words are expected. The last one is surprising. The “we are brothers” mentality is well known. But hearing this certified bad ass talking about affection is surprising.

We shall overcome because this is no worse than anything that hasn’t been overcome in the past is another gem.

Initiative and aggressiveness and the ability to bond with the troops is what he looks for in a leader.

This guy is a walking talking modern philosopher.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is one of the people that Michael Gervais mentions as being someone that is dominant in the area of mental skills training. So it is time for us to take a closer look at her. And wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I do, it appears that taking too close a look muddies the waters.

Who could have predicted that anyone would have anything bad to say about her? Certainly not me. The only “criticism” I had for her was that she was too over the top in her selflessness.

So for the purposes of this blog, I’m going to turn a blind eye to the criticism and focus on her public image in her prime. She was more loved than just about anybody.

Respect for every living person is a big part of her personal philosophy. Displaying that respect through love is her calling card. Always putting someone else’s needs above your own is how she saw love. Love was not an emotion. It was an action.

I love what she the “what are emotions, and how do we deal with them” question. If love is an action, then it is easier to make the argument that you can control your emotions.

Control your feelings and start acting the way you know you should? Sounds like tough love.

Bill Walsh West Coast Philosophy

A football video about philosophical wars in the NFL? Yes, please, and thank you. These throwback clips are the best. This one gives us a valuable philosophical lesson that we can apply to our own lives.

Play to your strengths. Then form your philosophy. Next, defeat your enemies.

Find yourself with a serious injury? Don’t worry. This can lead you to try a new approach that could end with you in the Hall of Fame.

P. S. I love that the Giants play a big part in this video.

Juliana and Mark – Vision Board Philosophy

We all know I’m a words guy. Its all about the beauty of a well formed sentence that gets my blood flowing. I keep saying that a written philosophy is my holy grail. And then the Yoga power couple comes in and says they did a vision board instead of writing a statement.

That’s dumb! Or brilliant. Ok fine, it is brilliant.

I’ve rejected the idea of a vision board enough times that it isn’t a fresh idea in my head. But, its a new idea because this time its being presented by two people that are in the place that I want to be.

They have a youtube channel that kicks butt. They are in terrific shape. Every week they fly into an exotic vacation spot for their next shoot. They are more mature than me. And now to top it all off, they have vision boards that trump my philosophy.

It might be time for me to put together a vision board. It is time for you to make one, too.

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