Kobe Bryant

Kobe was doing a lot of interviews about his upcoming Second Act in his life. He laid out his approach to new tasks.

Black Mamba mentality comes out of everything he says.

This is a short clip of this interview. The long version is well worth it if you have time to watch or listen.

Jocko Willink

Do you know what he is going to say?

What is your emotional reaction to this video? Why did you have that emotion? Is it strange that you had an emotional reaction to this man describing how he seems to have a word that replaces his emotions that might be “negative”.

This calls for an double order of blog posts on the Stoics. Stay tuned.

Epicurus on Ethics

Skip to the 45 minute mark to get to the four truths (or claims) of Epicurian Ethics.

  1. The gods are nothing to fear.
  2. Death is nothing to fear.
  3. What’s good isn’t that hard to get.
  4. What’s bad isn’t that hard to endure.

This is an enlightened and egoistic hedonism. Or is it an early version of “find what feels good”?

Personal Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

In his own words.

What was Ghandi prepared to do? He gives his answer. He was always prepared to return to jail. He was prepared to use civil disobedience to achieve his goal. He was an optimist.

He was soft spoken in this video. He demonstrated supreme confidence. He knew the importance of being authentic.

Personal Philosophy of Buddha


Michael Gervais talked about a few people that had rock solid personal philosophies. Buddha was one person that was mentioned. Gervais said that Buddha’s philosophy had something to do with suffering, and the loving kindness that can come out of it.

Punching suffering in the mouth is how I have usually dealt with it. Maybe I can twist it around to say it was tough love for suffering. But, we both know that isn’t what I had in mind.

In the past few years, I have come around to at least hear the message that Buddha may have been trying to get across. It takes a heck of a lot of strength to see suffering the way he did. It probably has a lot to do with that Sean Connery quote from the Untouchables movie. “What are you prepared to do?”

Joel Spitzer

Joel Spitzer gives his take on thoughts and actions. Thinking about quitting smoking and taking the action to not smoke today are two different things.

Similar to his idea of actions doing more to stop something that harms you, doing something positive can impact your thoughts and words. Today, I went to yoga class. Our instructor told us to consider how this yoga practice will influence our words and thoughts.

When developing your personal philosophy, you may have it backwards if you are considering thoughts then words then actions.

Jennifer Piercy

Jennifer guides us to notice if we can be five to ten percent more comfortable. That one sentence is a life philosophy. It can be used by anyone in any situation facing any challenge. You can find her instruction in her Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation on Insight Timer.

Pick a random time today and follow her advice. Most likely, whatever you do right after that will go better than it otherwise would have.

Cal Fussman

Cal Fussman – A man that knows how to tell a story.

Cal Fussman is the most charming story teller ever. He doesn’t speak in poetry. He seems to be talking off the cuff. His passion for the person he happens to be talking about is mesmerizing. Somehow he casts that spell on his listeners.

All his words are carefully chosen. He reveals bits of information at the perfect pace. He sets the scene. He gets you to sit forward and ask yourself questions about where the story is going next.

Longing to know who Cal Fussman is? Well, you’re in luck. His “About” page on his podcast website answers three questions. WHO AM I? WHERE AM I GOING? WHY?

His answers are unique. I urge you to go to his page and read the answers.

Peter Wohleben

Peter Wohleben tells us about the hidden lives of trees. He tells us about how all of the trees in a forest are interconnected.

It may seem like he made up a charming story to teach us about the framework of human communities.

I am ready to believe him. I take his book as proof that we are all connected. We are all connected whether we like it or not.

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